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5 Fun Elopement Ideas to Make Your Day Unique + Personal

Let’s be real – Pinterest inspo can only get you so far. Looking up elopement ideas on there will probably result in the same 20 ideas, traditions, themes, etc. And we’re not about that life ova here – we want to make your day 100% YOU. Unique, special, personal, and the best day ever for you + your boo. So here are 5 fun elopement ideas to get you started in making your elopement day the most memorable day of your life!

bride and groom hugging in front of mountain

1. Pick out a theme

No boring elopements over here – if you want an easy way to make your elopement unique, make it a themed elopement day. Whether you pick out this theme based on your favorite TV show (Game of Thrones wedding, anyone? I’ll be there ASAP if so), movie series, revolve it around a holiday you love (Halloween weddings let’s go), want to incorporate your love for Taco Bell, whatever. Centralize everything around one theme: your decor, color scheme, food, details, etc. It’ll be rad.

bride and groom dressed in viking attire

2. Get creative with your food

And who says you have to hire a normal caterer?? Nobody. Or if they do, don’t listen to them.

Get CREATIVE with your food and do whatever the fuck you want. Have you and your boo always gone on dates at In N’ Out? Get a family member or friend to pick up food from the nearest In N’ Out & bring it to your elopement. 

Or find a fast food restaurant you love that offers catering, and celebrate by eating the greasiest, yummiest french fries together.

table with a charcuterie board

Another option if you want simple food but still want to hire it out + not have to worry about picking it up yourselves: hire a food truck. There are ALL kinds of food trucks available for weddings nowadays – burgers + fries (like Natalie & Anthony’s below), BBQ, wood-fire pizza, donut trucks, ice cream trucks, you name it. Find a truck local to your (or close enough to drive) & hire them to provide dinner – or late-night snacks!!

detail shot of wedding food

And if you literally just want to eat your favorite snacks on your wedding day, do it. Hire somebody to make you charcuterie boards. Get your friends + fam to cook & make it like a potluck. Create boards with your fave snacks, drinks, etc. – like these two did (below) with pigs in a blanket. Stuff your damn face on your elopement day with whatever makes you happiest.

pigs in a blanket food

3. Play around with accessories

Accessories are a super easy way to make your elopement day hella unique + customized to you. Have fun with your accessories and make them personal!

bride and groom embracing each other

Pick out a cute AF hat to wear with your dress. Or pick a hat that you can wear a veil with. A patterned or brightly-colored tie instead of a plain one. Pick out statement earrings or a big necklace to wear with your outfit. Wear colorful rings on your fingers. Get a denim or leather jacket customized to put on when it gets chilly. You get the picture – the options are trulyyyy endless!

groom standing in front of lake

4. Book a unique venue

Your venue is one of the biggesttt elements of your day: might as well make sure it’s a place you adore the hell out of!

Pick out a unique venue to celebrate at – one that fits you & your boo, your vibe, your story, & the way you want to celebrate.

Rent out a yacht if you’re feelin’ fancy, and go on a boat tour with your loved ones down the river in your hometown. Explore a national park that you’ve always dreamed of visiting (just make sure you get the correct permits + passes since this isn’t an *official* venue!). Have your elopement in the backyard of your childhood home, or somewhere with a pool that you can jump in at the end of the night. 

If you want to make a trip out of your elopement for you + your best buds, rent a cabin in the woods where you can celebrate, do shots, drink beers, have a campfire, etc. Stay for a few nights, and find a location nearby to say your vows one of the days!

Couple embracing each other in snow lodge

Natalie & Anthony chose a treehouse for their elopement venue – yes, a treehouse. I told you, the options available to you are endless.

couple laughing inside of a treehouse

5. Think outside of the box with your decor

Finally, make your elopement day totally unique by getting creative with some unexpected decor. No need to stick to traditional “rustic” greenery or pale pink florals here – get crazy with it!!

bride and groom kissing in front of lake

Buy a custom neon sign to hang at your reception. Get your guests hella fun wedding favors, like custom beer koozies. Hang disco balls everywhere, and hire a florist to create dope AF floral installations. Branch out from that neutral color palette that’s become so popular and feature bright colors everywhereeee.

detail shot of wedding kuzies

Feature a simple accent rug at your ceremony, or maybe go craaaaazy and keep your rings in a cool triangular box (like Jake + Chloe did below) instead of a regular box. No matter what your idea of “crazy” or “unexpected” is as far as decor goes, just think outside of the box with it!

detail shot of wedding ring

And there you have it – my top 5 elopement ideas to make your day super unique + personal to you. I will say this over and over until the day I die: your elopement day is about you. So MAKE IT about you through every element & aspect of the day – from decor to food to your venue!

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