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Casual In-Home Engagement Photos | Smoke, Disco Balls, & Fog

Hot tip: smoking, a fog machine, and a disco ball are ALWAYS a good idea. Always. Amanda + Alex’s intimate, casual engagement photos will leave you breathless. This is the epitome of what I mean when I tell you to personalize your engagement photos & make them completely unique to your story.

casual engagement photos

Amanda + Alex: The Love Story

I want to start off by telling you a little about the couple & giving you some background, thanks to the beautiful story Amanda wrote in their original inquiry. 

casual engagement photos

The Very Beginning

These two met in the spring of 2016 thanks to Tinder. When they first started dating, it was super casual and they didn’t rush to define the relationship. But Amanda remembers having a friend call her out for having feelings for him, and she was shocked 😉 She says their love was truly blossoming under their eyes at that point in time.

casual engagement photos

Alex grew up in Washington and was in the navy before settling back down in his stomping grounds. Amanda grew up in Ohio and wanted out as soon as she could. So she eventually moved to South Carolina before making her way to Washington. Then WA fully captured her heart – so much that it’s the only state she has tattooed on her. 

casual engagement photos

Their Journey Together

Over the past 5 years together, Amanda and Alex have helped each other through rough waters, and cheered for one another as they climbed mountains – although Amanda notes that those mountains are figurative because they prefer to drive in real mountains 😉 They’ve only continued growing in their love and admiration for one another.

casual engagement photos

The Proposal & Everything After

Alex proposed on Christmas Eve in their home with candles, and tiny origami stars he folded spelling out “Marry Me.” As you can imagine, she cried on the spot.

They live together with their two lovely fur babies (one pup and one cat), and at the time of their inquiry, weren’t yet married (obviously).

casual engagement photos

Amanda told me that she was so excited to get to marry her best friend, surrounded by those who have watched, supported, and loved on them on their journey together.

Now, they’ve tied the knot – be on the lookout for a separate blog post showing off their beautiful wedding day!

casual engagement photos

The Intimate, In-Home Engagement Session

I will say it with my last dying breath. . . please do whatever the hell you want to celebrate YOUR love story! It’s yours. 

You don’t need an epic backdrop and a flowy dress (although that’s very fun, too!). All you need to do is think: what makes us feel like US?

casual engagement photos

What would put us in the best mood where we just wanna relax and let loose? That’s your sign, babes. Check out this blog post with 5 Unique Ideas to Personalize Your Engagement Photos for all sorts of ideas + tips to get your creative juices flowing.

casual engagement photos

Amanda and Alex let me in. They told me how they were homebodies, how they liked to kick back and stay home, play some video games, smoke, and garden a bit. They wanted to feel like themselves in their engagement photos – so all of that is exactly what we did.

casual engagement photos

These two relaxed in their home, fully present in the moment doing just what they would be doing on a normal weekend. Lounged in comfy clothes, smoked their favorite *plants*, and hung out in their garden – because Alex is super passionate about all things botanical. 

casual engagement photos

You deserve to be seen, AS YOU ARE. It’s worth it.

This session was so fun to participate in! I’m so honored I have gotten to tell a bit of their love story through their causal engagement photos & wedding later on!