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Hey you! I want to tell you a little about me. I am with you in this wedding journey 100% of the way. I have your back, I’ll help you with everything from picking wedding flowers to drafting up a text to tell your mother in law that she can’t sing as you walk down the aisle, whatever you need babe.

As for my photography style, it’s all about authenticity and creating a story, your story, through art. I have spent years perfecting the art of making you feel comfortable in front of my camera, really allowing you to be yourself with the person you love most in the world. Throughout my eight years in the photography industry, and four years in the wedding industry, I have been through a lot of very special and intimate moments, and I am so grateful to be a part of your moments too. I thank you for trusting me, it’s an honor.
 Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s an exact quote from a beautiful bride that I photographed in the heart of Seattle on her wedding day:
 “I still can’t believe these are MY photos. That this is ME. I have always dreamed of my wedding day, and choosing Makenzy was by far the best investment we made in our day. She made us so comfortable, really captured who we are and how hard we love each other, and I know these photos and the film will be something we treasure for years to come. I can’t wait until we can show these to our grandkids! Trust us, your memories are worth the investment in someone who truly cares about your wedding day.”

I would love to be there for you on your wedding day!

- Makenzy

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When you're choosing a photographer for your wedding day it is so much more than just a style that you like. When it comes to the wedding day I am there with my couples more than any other person, up close and personal. The attitude and energy that I bring will make the day go so much smoother, boost your confidence, and help bring you peace of mind knowing that I have your back. I work hard to make sure that each wedding day I show up for my clients in so many ways other than photographing your memories. I have brushed stray hairs away before my bride saw her new husband for the very first time. I have held grandmothers hands as tears streamed down her face. I have calmed panicking grooms, taken shots 

with more bridesmaids than I can count. I have stepped in as a hair stylist, makeup artist, therapist, chauffeur, you name it. I have given away my last pony tail and offered my coat more times than I can remember. Sure, I could show up and hang back and get some pretty pictures, but that isn't who I am. I show up on your wedding day with energy, with love, with compassion and enthusiasm because I deeply believe in the love that you share with that one person who loves you so fully and completely. My couples become lifelong friends, and I continue to be a part of their journeys long past the moment you say I do. So if you're ready to do this beautiful adventure with me by your side, let's do this thing!

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She's the bees knees

from my couples

Makenzy is truly the absolute BEST! She came into our wedding without meeting us beforehand and she instantly got our laid back, artistic vibe. Her photos will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Not only is she an amazing photographer and immensely creative, but she is also incredibly kind, gentle, funny and just a beam of light and positivity. My husband and I are awkward photo people and you cannot tell in any of our pictures that we are camera shy. I highly recommend her. If you are debating whether or not to go with a video, YOU MUST DO IT. It will make you legit happy cry and let you relive all those precious moments. Makenzy, we love you.

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