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Salt Creek Couples Session – Maddie + Shawn

Maddie and Shawn are the epitome of young and in love. As we hiked and adventured through the many trails and beaches around Salt Creek, they were constantly laughing, leaning in close for a kiss, or sharing fun stories. They were a dream to work with, and made my job effortless. It is not an easy thing to cuddle up with your loved one when a camera is pointed in your direction, but Maddie and Shawn had no problem tuning me out and tuning into each other. Their laughs and smiles were contagious, the kind of couple you love to be around!

Late summer sunsets make for the perfect romantic and slightly nostalgic feeling that brings the love shared between these two together in a magical way!

Warm sunlight covered the forests and the beaches all across the grounds at Salt Creek during this cozy and cuddled up summer session. With the waves as the perfect background noise, and the breeze bringing these two lovebirds together in sweet snuggles, we ended the day with a magical sunset. 

Hot summer nights
– mid July
when you and I were
forever wild.

— Lana Del Rey