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From Sea to Ski Engagement – Destiny + John

One of my absolute favorite places to shoot photos is in the Olympic National Park, or any National Park for that matter. The views were breathtaking as Destiny, John, and myself adventured two different locations to get all the right shots. First we went to Salt Creek Beach for some sunset photos with an ocean background, and then we braved the mountains for a sunrise adventure up to the snowy peaks of Hurricane Ridge. One of the things I love most about this couple was their adventurous spirit and their trust in me to lead them to the right places. 

She got a smile that makes your worst day feel like it’s your birthday
She’s got a laugh like confetti would change her name if she’d let me
She’s got a way of changing the game the way that you play is never the same

— Chris Lane “For Her”

Sunrise sessions can be difficult when you are attempting to pry yourself from the warmth of your bed, but so incredibly worth it when you get that first morning light.

cheers to a life of love and laughter and plenty of adventure!