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A Real Viking Wedding – Danielle + Donovan

Have you ever been to an authentic Viking wedding? When I first met Donovan and Danielle, I knew that we would be friends. Both tattoo artists, living in the Pacific Northwest, and happily in love, I loved them instantly. I was more than intrigued when they described their wedding theme as German/Hungarian Viking. I’m not going to lie, cheesy cosplay was the first thing I thought of. Once Danielle began to tell me about the hand sewn garments, the blacksmith that would be there forging weapons, the drinking out of horns, I was hooked. Between shooting bows & arrows, drinking “viking’s blood” from hollowed out horns, and watching friends and family gather around these two, this day could not have been more sublime. 

Best dressed bride and groom I’ve ever seen..

As a wedding photographer, you get to know the run down of a typical wedding day. After shooting your first few weddings, you pretty much know what to expect. This day was different. Not only was the theme of the day different, but the vibe was as well. There was no stress, no sense of urgency, no running around trying to appease guests. This day was 100% about the couple, and their happiness. Every single guest had put so much love and effort into making this day the wedding out of a storybook. The sense of family, and overwhelming care for the people around you was truly a blessing to be a part of.

Ordinary ring shots just wouldn’t do for these two!

Viking brides don’t half ass anything, especially drinking! 

In a true Viking fashion,

the send off of the happy couple included

sword fighting (yes those are real swords)

and an angry mob!

A special thank you to Cassie Johnson of Cassie Johnson Photography for the amazing second shooting of this fantastic wedding day, none of this would have been possible without you! To view more of Cassie’s work, please visit www.cassiejohnsonphoto.com