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How to Pull Off Your Dream Elopement for Under 3k

Elopements are the new trend when it comes to weddings, and I am not mad about it. Let me preface this by saying I am in no way against having a big wedding and investing money into it, this is simply another way of doing your special day, and I have been loving it. When it comes to your wedding day I cannot stress enough that it is about YOU AND YOUR PARTNER! No one else’s opinion should matter. I have dealt with countless situations with couples where they are feeling uneasy about the large wedding that they feel obligated to have because of outside pressure or parental opinion. Elopements can be the perfect way to make an intimate wedding day that is simply about you, the person you love, and celebrating that bond and commitment. 

I decided to do a styled elopement, with two models (who, by the way, had never met before this day) and to make sure that the money spent was only on the important (to me) stuff. When it comes to my ideal wedding, my priorities would be pretty pictures, florals, and booze. I don’t think there is anything more romantic than grabbing the hand of your special someone and heading to the mountaintops, with champagne in hand and photographer in tow! 

At the bottom of this page I have a detailed list of expenses from this day and links to where you can find them! I hope you enjoy.

Special thanks to Stephanie Gray Photography for assisting me and Fire and Blooms for the gorgeous floral sets.

Lace Crop Top – 15.99 (size M)

Flowy Skirt – $29.86 (size L)

Pink Fur Coat – Under $24 (size XXL)

Champagne + Mini Donuts – Under $30 from Walmart

Ring Set – $8.99 (Walmart)

Three Piece Floral Set by Fire and Blooms – $380

+ Elopement Photography through Northwest Focus Co. begins at $1800


The suit that was worn was something our “groom” already had in his closet, but a standard suit rental cost is between $70-$300 roughly depending on style!


There are also other costs that could come into play should you decide to use a venue location, travel costs if you choose to go somewhere not local to you, etc. This post is simply to show that there are ways to spend less money on the things that aren’t your top priority! 

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