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Andrea + Owen’s Cozy Cabin Getaway in Granite Falls, WA

Andrea + Owen decided to make a getaway out of their session, so we explored the beautiful Granite Falls, WA together before heading to their intimate Airbnb! Once we were back to their cozy cabin, we poured a few drinks and I got to capture all the love these two have. I had so much fun with these beautiful humans. 

couples photoshoot

Couples Photoshoot in Granite Falls, WA

From waterfalls to bustling forests, the views in Granite Falls truly cannot be beaten. Kissing & snuggling on top of a waterfall? Why not? Even if it means getting your ass completely soaked.

I wanted to take full advantage of the scenery plus the undeniable chemistry Andrea + Owen have – and some things just show up even better on film. Check out the highlight reel I created below from my time with this sweet couple out in nature.

I fucking love taking clips like these during sessions. When you watch clips along with looking through your images, I find that it really helps you experience the moment again in multiple different ways. Films and photographs appeal to different senses and emotions. And when I’m in a place as gorgeous as Granite Falls, I just can’t help myself.

If you’re interested in learning more about my filmography/videography you can learn more about that on my website!

granite falls wa

Airbnb Photoshoot

The Airbnb that Andrea + Owen rented is a 1970s idyllic cabin nestled in the heart of Granite Falls, WA. It had stunning views of Canyon Creek, which we could see from nearly every one of the massive windows.

The natural light and earthy tones were perfect for their intimate couple’s photoshoot. Their little cabin had lots of space for different intimate moments – on the porch, cuddling on the couch, the kitchen counter, or my personal favorite – the hot tub.

couples photoshoot

The classic lush PNW forest surrounding the cabin was an amazing backdrop for the images we got outside, too. I may be biased, but damn do I love this state I live in.

I’ve said it before, but I always believe it’s such a great idea to rent an Airbnb for your couple’s photoshoot. You get to pick out the vibe of your setting, and it’s a much more homey feel if you’re going for that intimate, cozy vibe. Environments like these allow you to be truly present and focus on each other, somewhat of an escape from your normal lives. No stressing about kids, work, bills, any of that shit. Just the two of you. 

couples photoshoot

This allows you to also turn an afternoon shoot into a whole weekend getaway with your partner. There’s nothing better than quality time together, exploring the beautiful scenery. We got to explore Granite Falls, WA before heading back to the Airbnb, so Andrea + Owen’s photos captured their adventures as well.

I had such a fantastic day with this sweet, sweet couple. Honestly, I still can’t believe that adventuring with such amazing people is my damn job