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5 Ideas for Your Wedding Details That Aren’t Overdone

In an industry that pushes “bigger is better,” the details of your wedding day often become overdone & unoriginal, thanks to sites like Pinterest and Brides magazine. Which – don’t get me wrong – can be super useful. But everything’s good in moderation, right? So today I’m giving you 5 ideas to make your wedding details unique! I’m sure you want your day to feel personalized to you + your love, so hopefully, these ideas help empower and inspire you to fully embrace that in every single detail.

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Sustainability + Intentionality 

My first tip is to keep sustainability at the front of your mind. Thankfully, sustainability is becoming more the norm lately. So I suggest finding items that will last beyond your wedding day, either as a family keepsake or reused somehow by someone else. Find wedding decor that can be recycled in your house, or that you can donate to another engaged couple for their wedding – not decor that’ll be thrown away at the end of the night and gone forever to a landfill.

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Instead of buying dozens of vases from the Dollar Store for your centerpieces, see if you can borrow from a friend or family member! Maybe your grandma has a beautiful vase in her house that you could use. Or, find unique centerpieces made by a local artisan. If you have a photo backdrop with a bench, buy a bench that can go in your future house! The goal here is to spend your money intentionally instead of mindlessly grabbing the first option that everybody else does, or just buying something because it’s the cheapest + easiest at first glance.

It helps to think of your wedding decor & details as an investment. Instead of buying cheap and single-use, invest your money in something that can be passed down to future generations. And invest in something that supports local businesses and will make your day more meaningful! 

Now, let’s get into those 5 ideas I said I’d give ya.

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1.Getting Ready Robes

Wearing matching outfits while you + your closest friends get ready makes for the cutest photos. The norm is to find matching robes, but if you’re not feeling that, why not look for matching sets instead?

These might be a little easier to reuse since you & your friends can wear them elsewhere. Plus, if your wedding party members have already been in other weddings, they might have a few robes already in their closet that they’ve never worn again. Matching sets are still so cute + a little more unique than robes

Matching sets also might feel more comfortable on different body types. Take a look at these olive green matching sets from Lulu’s as an example! They’re super comfy + cozy for mimosa-sippin’ (or tequila-shottin’ – no judgement here) while you get your makeup done. 

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Photo by Lulus

2.Monogrammed Cups

Monogrammed cups are a popular wedding party gift,  and they’re often used for the couple’s reception toasts. And while they can definitely be personalized, there are many other options that might feel more like you, that are a little more creative & personal.

Instead of buying a set of cheap plastic Starbucks cups to give to your wedding party, or mugs to use for your toasts, opt for vintage glassware. It adds an extra touch of character to your wedding details, and is usually more unique than the typical cutesy glassware sets you’ll find on Etsy. You can buy these on Etsy too, or look at your local antique store. I bet you can find some treasures hunting through there for a little while! Better yet – see if your parents or grandparents still have the glasses they toasted with at their wedding reception!

Plus… think about it: how often will you really use a wine glass that says “bride” on it in a weird cursive font?

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Photo by Etsy

3.Unique Ring Boxes 

Your wedding + engagement rings are usually the most important part of your detail photos, so let’s place them in something unique! There are lots of ring boxes made by small or local artists that can be more personal to your wedding aesthetic than a typical ring box you get at a craft store.

This rustic wedding ring box on Etsy is just one example of another option. You can get it personalized with your names & your wedding date for an added special touch. 

Being intentional with details like this makes your wedding gallery even more beautiful and special to your day. Because this way, you don’t just feel like you’re looking at a Brides magazine cutout of every wedding ever – your details are intentionally yours

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Photo by Etsy

4.Leather Bound Keepsake Vow Books

Another wedding detail that you can turn into a keepsake – your vow books! Instead of buying a cheap set of vow books from Etsy or the Michael’s nearest to you, opt for something like leather-bound books. They’re typically more durable + can still be personalized to your special day, and they’ll last long enough for future generations to enjoy. You can write your own vows in here or copy them down from vows someone else wrote, if that’s what you’re doing.

If you have another way of doing your vows, you could also use books like this to write letters to each other. Read them the morning of your wedding or on your one-year anniversary!

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Photo by Etsy

5.Buy Unique Jewelry 

In my opinion, jewelry is the star of the show as far as detail shots go. It also adds a completely unique + sparkly touch to your wedding outfit no matter what you’re wearing. So high-quality jewelry is one of the best investments you can make! Buy high-quality, unique jewelry that will last long past your wedding day. And then every time you wear your wedding earrings, it’ll feel like wearing a piece of your love story. Cheesy, but cute AF.

Mint Jewelry Co is a favorite of mine that has super unique styles, perfect for anyone who wants high-quality, adventurous pieces. From unique stones to quirky designs, their jewelry is a perfect way to add a bit of extra *spice* to your wedding day. 

I definitely recommend going to your local farmer’s market, shopping center, or doing some research online to find jewelry-makers local to you that you can support!

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If you’re loving these unique wedding ideas, I’ve got a couple more blog posts you’ll want to check out!

I hope these 5 ideas help you out! There’s a lot of elopement ideas out there & the overwhelm can make it easy to mindlessly choose the details of your day. The bottom line: make decisions that make you happy and tell your unique love story!

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