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Carefree, Unique Family Photos in Port Angeles

As a mama to two boys myself, family photos are one of my absolute favorite parts of life to photograph. Capturing the moments between kids and their parents is the biggest honor. It is truly such a privilege to get to witness some of life’s most special seasons. And I can’t get over how much I love Kimmy + Ethan’s intimate family photos at my home + studio in Port Angeles. They’re some of my favorites to date. Get ready for your heart to burst at the love between these little ones and their mama + dad! 

unique family photos

Kimmy + Ethan’s Carefree Family Photos

Unique studio + backyard family photos

One of my favorite parts of being a family & maternity photographer is opening up my clients’ minds to ideas other than the traditional, posed, smiling family photos in matching outfits. Gone are the days where every family’s Christmas card looks the same. Hello to the days where families can be themselves in front of the camera. Having their most authentic moments captured, frozen in time as memories that will last forever.

unique family photos
unique family photos

For Kimmy + Ethan’s family photos, we chose to shoot in my studio and around my home. I love that this allowed us to get two totally different vibes for their photos: unique in-studio portraits with a more moody, intimate atmosphere, and carefree photos in a beautiful, wide-open field.

unique family photos
unique family photos

Get to know the family behind the photos

Kimmy included some details about her charming family in a questionnaire for me, so I thought I’d share a little bit about these beautiful humans with you, too.

Here’s what she had to say about each of them:

  • Ethan: witty, obsessed with all things Nic Cage
  • Kimmy: nurturer, sensitive, loves her babies, can be awkward but goofy, too
  • Nova (no-no’s), 4: the helpful older sister, words of affirmation = her love language; unicorns and rainbows light up her life
  • Thea (phee phee), 2: a spit fire, screams bloody murder when she’s upset, loves her sister and copies everything she does, witty & funny when she opens up
  • Atlas (bubby/bubs), 1: a momma’s boy all the way, shy but also a little Mr. Adventure, always smiling
unique family photos
unique family photos

Releasing the pressure to perform

The most important thing to me during family sessions is that no one feels pressure to perform.

I want children in family photos to be themselves. Wild and silly and honest.

I don’t want parents to feel stressed or overwhelmed. During family sessions, it is my job to set you all up to interact and enjoy your time. I will make sure to adjust and direct as needed, but YOU are perfect just being you.

That’s what makes family photos the best they can possibly be: when you’re able to let go, breathe in this moment in time, and be present with the people you love the most.

unique family photos
unique family photos

The adorable family photo outfits

How perfect are the outfits these 5 wore? The neutral tones, simple patterns, accessories, and coordinating colors brought the softness + magic of this little family to life. 

I was absolutely loving the patterned dress Nova wore, along with her little backpack, and the rust-colored shirt + plaid pants Thea came in. 

Atlas looked handsome as ever in an olive green jumper, while Kimmy shined in a ruffled orange maxi dress, complete with a leg slit and an off-the-shoulder neckline. 

Ethan kept it simple with a cream-colored long-sleeve and dark pants, which allowed the rest of the colors to mix effortlessly together, especially in the middle of the vibrant green grass.

unique family photos

For reference, they bought their outfits from Free People, The Simple Folk, and Knotted Fern. Three wonderful places to shop for any photoshoot attire! 

I am beyond thankful I got the opportunity to capture these beautiful moments for Kimmy, Ethan, and their lovely little ones, freezing them in time for them to look at for years to come. Forever in awe of this job of mine.

unique family photos

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