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Unique Fall Family Photos at Lake Crescent Lodge

Looking for another way to do your family photos? I get it – you want something unique & creative – nothing boring, stiff, or anything that doesn’t feel like you. I’m the same way as a mom, which is why I love photographing families in their own, unique element. I’d say I have a little different take on family photos than most do. Check out these fall family photos for the most beautiful family session inspiration!

fall family photos

Their magical fall family photos in the forest

I did this session with Amanda + Robert and their two little ones, Wyatt and Annabelle, last fall. It was during that month where the PNW was on fire and everything was covered in smoke across Washington & Oregon – not a fun time for anyone. 

fall family photos

The smoke is obviously unpleasant to be in, but hey: at least it looks RAD in photos. Seriously, the smoke made this session look so incredibly beautiful, despite the whole PNW struggling badly to keep the forest under control. Be grateful for what you can be, right?

fall family photos

We started their family session in the magical luscious green forest of Lake Crescent, where we actually were graced by some sunlight shining through the trees. Sunlight alone brings dreaminess to a session, but added in with the smoke, the backdrop of these photos kinda looks like it’s straight outta a fairytale.

Family photo outfit inspiration

In case you couldn’t already tell by looking at a few photos, this family was a stylish one. Amanda knew that white looks super pretty in photos at an outdoor, earthy space like this one, so the whole family picked out white, cream-colored, & light denim pieces.

fall family photos

Amanda chose the most beautiful white dress, with simple spaghetti straps, a lightweight material, and plenty of room to move & twirl around in. Paired with her family’s white & pale blue pieces, she picked the perfect dress for this session. And if you’re ever in doubt about your outfit and want to accessorize it a lil’, find a simple, cute hat like Amanda did! It adds so much to your outfit without distracting from the subject (you) or clashing with your outfit.

Time alone for Amanda + Robert

One of my favorite things to do during family sessions: take a little time for the parents to be alone. Being a parent to any number of kids is the most crazy, rewarding experience – I know firsthand. But sometimes, you need an excuse to take a brief breather, whether that’s at home when the kids are napping or during your family session, when your photographer pulls you away.

fall family photos

I took Amanda and Robert alone for a few minutes both in the forest and in the lake, and man am I so glad I did. 

During a session, one of my favorite things to say is “Okay, I want you guys to sink in. Really just breathe in this moment.” Because at the end of the day, you’re nothing if you’re not able to be present and take in the moments of your life. You have to feel, well, all of it. 

couple embracing

So I did just that with Amanda + Robert. We had some fun playing around in the water and dancing in the forest, but once that was done, I allowed them the space to just breathe for a few minutes, holding each other and taking in where we were at. Hugging someone + taking deep breaths will always be my favorite way to ground myself and really stay present – 10/10 recommend.

Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park

The location of this family session, Lake Crescent, is one of my top favorite spots in Olympic National Park. It’s only about 18 miles from Port Angeles (where I’m based out of), and is a super simple yet beautiful spot for anyone dreaming of being by the mountains and water.

fall family photos

And there’s even a super beautiful lodge right on the lake – check out Lake Crescent Lodge if you’ll be in the area!

Seattle family photographer

Lookin’ for your own Seattle-area family photographer, and dreaming of a creative family session like this one? I’m your gal – reach out here and let’s start planning!