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Romantic Couple Photos | Port Angeles, WA Glamping Getaway

Megan and Brian did exactly what I try to get all my couples to do: make a whole day/weekend out of your session! They planned ahead to make this a lovely weekend getaway for the two of them, a brief escape from real life full of intentional time to be together. Honored to have gotten to capture their romantic couple photos at not just their luxury glamping Airbnb, but also one of the best restaurants in Port Angeles + on the beautiful Lake Crescent. 

couple walking holding lamps

Megan + Brian’s Romantic PNW Weekend Getaway

Stealing kisses in the lounge at Traylor’s, snuggling up in their cozy glamping tent, and dancing as the sun sets behind the mountains on one of Washington’s most beautiful lakes – what more could you wish for for romantic couple photos with your love?

couple cuddling in airbnb

Cozy, intimate couple photos in their Airbnb

I started the session capturing Megan + Brian in their cozy AF Port Angeles Airbnb that they rented (more on that below). They were in their natural habitat: sipping mugs of hot coffee in bed, simply enjoying each other’s company and some intimate time together without the stresses of normal life weighing them down. Truly every couple could use a mini weekend getaway like this every once in a while – and every couple deserves it. 

Stealing kisses + sipping drinks at Traylor’s

After we got some beautifully simple photos of them being present with each other in their phenomenal Airbnb, we headed to Traylor’s Restaurant in Port Angeles for a couple of drinks + kisses at the bar. The mood inside at the bar was everything: minimal lights, bottles glistening behind Megan + Brian sitting on their stools, a low-key and intimate atmosphere surrounding them. Who says romantic couple photos always have to be silly and lighthearted? I say we bring a little mood into it just like these two did 😉

Nighttime couple photos at Lake Crescent Lodge

And to wrap up this beautiful evening, we went on our way to Lake Crescent as the sun dropped down over the mountains, squeezing the last little bit of light from the sky into our photos. I am a major fan of blue hour & dusk, one of the most moody, calm, serene parts of the day. The light is dim, the sky is soft, and the atmosphere is quiet as the day transitions into nightfall. Megan, Brian and I brought out lanterns to add some extra moody light to their nighttime lake photos, and ended the session with some enchanting shots in front of their car headlights. Wasn’t I right about how dreamy these photos can be at night?

For more breathtaking dusk photos like Megan + Brian’s, check out my recent blog post: Why You Should Embrace Dusk & Nighttime Wedding Photos!

Wanderland Lodge: The Luxury Glamping Airbnb in Port Angeles, WA

This may be the coziest, cuddliest Airbnb available in all of Port Angeles – and trust me, there are a lot of ‘em. It’s the perfect place for couples who want a taste of camping in the outdoors, but also love them some bougie accommodations & aren’t ashamed of it.

wanderland lodge airbnb

The Wanderland Lodge, located on the peninsula between Sequim & Port Angeles, is a luxury tent full of opportunities to enjoy a simple yet cozy getaway, including a queen-size bed, a wood-burning stove, and an outdoor fire pit for evening s’mores, drinks, or games with friends. 

You’ll be smack dab in the middle of the woods, able to walk right out of your tent into the sunshine & shadows from the trees all around you. Breathe in that fresh peninsula air – and then head back into your luxe tent when you’re ready for a cup of coffee or to snuggle up together & look outside from the bed. 

couple holding coffee mugs

The Wanderland Lodge sleeps 2 guests, and costs $130/night plus applicable taxes and fees. Not a bad price for a luxury glamping experience in the middle of one of the most beautiful places in the state, if you ask me!

Port Angeles has SO many unique Airbnb options for you to choose from, whether you’re looking for a bohemian-inspired abode, a minimalistic, natural-light filled home, or something a little more eccentric. Head to my guide to 30 Vintage + Funky Airbnb’s in Port Angeles, Washington to check out all of my personal favorites!

lake crescent

Port Angeles Elopement Resources & Inspiration

I hope this session encourages you to turn your couples session not just into an afternoon together, but a full day or a weekend, if you can. Use it as an excuse to take a break from the stress of daily life and bring the focus back to each other, intentionally planning time to be present together and relax. I truly can’t recommend it enough – and be sure to hire a photographer to capture the memories for you, if you’re able to! 

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