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Tessa + Jordan’s Rainy Olympic National Forest Wedding

I am so, so incredibly honored to have documented this sweet couple’s love story. When I say this is one of the most beautiful, pure relationships I’ve ever seen, I mean it. Tessa + Jordan had the most beautiful rain forest wedding in Olympic National Forest. This rainy day, trees covered in moss, birds chirping, and river raging forest wedding was pure ecstasy.

bride and groom

So many details of this day were incredibly significant and intentional. Tessa + Jordan chose to have a small elopement because they value the intimacy and privacy of their union. Their rainforest wedding location was also so special. Jordan is a steelhead fisherman that works at the SolDuc Hatchery; his passion is steelhead and he wanted to get married along one of his favorite rivers.

bride and groom

I say kudos to Jordan for picking out a badass location like this that’s meaningful to him and his life. As they walked together, deeper into the forest, surrounded by lush greenery, in the thick of nature, I couldn’t help but feel so damn thankful to live in a place like this. A place where the rainforests make you feel so small, so insignificant, so overpowered by mother nature.

bride and groom

And when I say Tessa is my kinda bride I MEAN IT. She’s just the most beautiful barefoot, dancing in the rainforest kinda bride. . . what’s not to love?

Tessa got ready with her family, including her sons, and it was so sweet to watch her help her boys get ready. As a boy mom myself, I may have gotten a little emotional watching this.

bride and sons

Her dress was perfect for their forest wedding, the lace detail and long train were simple yet intricate. And I love the way she wore her long, dark hair down and beautifully curly.

Jordan got ready with his family too, and he looked great with his classic, charcoal grey suit that went perfectly with the earth tones that surrounded them.

bride and groom

The Rainforest Wedding Ceremony

As the intimate ceremony began, the guests held on tight to their umbrellas and soaked in the beautiful scenery. Everyone held their breath as Tessa walked down the “aisle” – a rough path through the trees – escorted by her two sons. A cellist’s music danced in the air and I could feel the emotions swelling around me.

bride with sons

A quote from Tessa’s vows: “I am not an easy woman, I bring home wayward children and random dogs, I work long hours and am passionate about my opinions, and I promise I will always challenge you, I will always confuse you, I will exhaust you, but with that comes my passion.”

Tessa warned me she would sob through her vows, but it wasn’t just her. I promise there was NOT a dry eye in the forest that day.

bride and groom

Tessa said she loves the natural beauty of the moss and woods, and the natural darkness it brings – man did they pick the perfect location that encompassed just that.

It’s moments like this that I live for, where you can just feel the light misting of rain, hear the birds chirping, and feel the love. 

I wish I could show you exactly how it looked and make you feel just how magical it felt. But the best I can do is show you their wedding film below 😉