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Ashley + Allen’s Rainy Engagement Photos at Lake Crescent

Ashley + Allen’s cozy, rainy engagement photos at Lake Crescent Lodge are the perfect example of why you shouldn’t be scared of a rainy session. These two were such troopers in the moody-as-fuck PNW weather. We had a blast taking these photos to celebrate their engagement.

Rainy weather can truly create such a calm atmosphere for intimacy and taking in the moment. Best of all, it totally forces you to let your guard down and just have fun. Which is all I want out of my couples sessions.

lake crescent lodge

And if you’ve ever watched any rom-com or reality dating show, you know that there’s absolutely nothing more romantic than kissing in the rain. Everyone loves the giant fir and hemlock trees here in the PNW, and those provided a little bit of a cover while we danced through the forest. Looks like a damn fairytale, yeah?

 lake crescent lodge

Plus, who doesn’t love snuggling with their partner when it’s a little chilly out? Ashley & Allen’s matching tan coats and blue jeans were perfect for this shoot. A little tip for your session in a forest – neutral colors look fantastic against the green background. 

Ashley + Allen cheersed with their favorite drinks while sitting waterside, and we got started!

rainy engagement photos

Lake Crescent Lodge

Lake Crescent Lodge in Olympic National Park is hands down one of my favorite places to shoot. It’s a charming lodge on the shore of (you guessed it) Lake Crescent, nestled in the northern hills of the Olympic Mountains.

lake crescent lodge

It was carved by a glacier so the water is clear and reflective. Meaning it makes for some bomb af photos and even better memories. If you want to see the pristine waters from a different angle, consider looking into Crescent Lake boat tours. And bring me along to get some unique photos 😉

lake crescent lodge

This lodge was built in 1915 and has honestly some of the most amazing views in Washington. With the lake, mountains, and forests, the variety you get at this location is insane. They also have a restaurant, a gift shop, and kayak rentals if you want to explore from the water, which I highly recommend. Their lakefront restaurant offers all three meals and award-winning PNW wine, making it a perfect location for a lil’ PNW getaway.

lake crescent lodge

If you want photos surrounded by tall mountains, exploring a lush forest, or on the shore of a clear lake – this location has it all! It’s also a great option if you want epic views without a hike – the trails are accessible and easy to navigate. 

lake crescent lodge

Location + Lodging 

Lake Crescent Lodge is located on Barnes Point on Lake Crescent Road, just off Highway 101. It’s only about 19 miles from Port Angeles, where I live, which is why I shoot here so often and know it like the back of my hand.

lake crescent lodge

They have six different types of lodging available, from a private room to your own cottage or cabin. The rooms are antique and spacious for watching the sun set over the lake while you sip tea on the balcony. Imagine cuddling with your love in this little piece of history while you rest before your next adventure. Yes, please.

lake crescent lodge

Definitely make sure you make a reservation in advance because this place books up fast! Their rates range from $140 / night to $322 / night. 

Lake Crescent Lodge was perfect for this rainy engagement session but I’ve also loved doing unique family photos and elopements here! Really, this place is jaw-dropping in every season, so my shoots here never fail to wow me. 

lake crescent lodge

If you’re interested in other lodging options at Olympic National Park, check out the NPS website for their best recommendations. 

Congrats to Ashley + Allen on their engagement! These two were so much fun to explore & experience this place’s beauty with.