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Stephe + Siddeeqah’s Ruby Beach Engagement Photos at Sunset

These two couldn’t have been more fun to play around with in the great ol’ PNW. We photographed them at sunset at Ruby Beach, one of my favorite Olympic Peninsula beaches. Don’t their photos make you wonder why anybody wouldn’t want beach engagement photos

Especially on Washington’s coast – you’ve got those moody PNW vibes mixed with stunning sunsets to make the perfect combo.

A fun engagement session idea: photos at an Airbnb

We started off S + S’s engagement session at the cutest little cabin to get some photos with that intimate in-home vibe. 

One of the reasons I love when couples travel for their engagement photos is because they can rent a cute n’ cozy place to stay – and then we automatically have a second location for photos! And if you’re dying to get that cozy home-y feel in your photos, without actually being at home, this is definitely the way to go.

These two beautiful humans spent time snuggling in bed & on the couch, sipping on their favorite whiskey, and showing off their engagement rings. (P.S. How cute is their lil’ Tardis ring box? You can find your own on Etsy here! Who says you need a boring ring box?)

The cozy cabin outfits

Outfits are obviously one of the biggest parts of your engagement photos – they’re what make you feel + look like yourself. This is why I always always encourage my couples to pick out clothes that they’d wear in real life; that truly fit who they are as people. You don’t have to follow what Pinterest says!

Stephe kept it simple, with a burgundy sweater over a classic flannel & jeans. They’re the perfect example of how you don’t need to overdo it with a fancy outfit – especially when you’re highlighting those earth-toned PNW vibes!

Siddeeqah added a little more flair to her outfit with a knitted, mustard yellow cardigan over a black shirt. Paired with white, yellow, & black comfy lounge pants, her colors went perfectly with Stephe’s. These two are pretty dang good lookin’ if I do say so myself.

The Tree of Life

After snugglin’ up together in the most woodsy cabin, we headed to the Tree of Life (aka the Tree Root Cave, but Tree of Life sounds cooler to me). It’s just north of the Kalaloch Camgpround and features such iconic roots with a lush green treetop! It looks a little magical (or like something out of a spooky Tim Burton movie), doesn’t it?

All about Ruby Beach

Once we’d gotten all we wanted in front of that incredible tree, we decided to explore the rest of Ruby Beach, one of my favorite beaches in Olympic National Park. It’s about 85 miles west of Port Angeles, and 185 miles from Seattle – it’s definitely a trek from most of the PNW, but oh so worth it.

Ruby Beach is a favorite of mine for a few reasons: its stunning rock formations, huge pieces of driftwood covering the sand, the classic PNW fog, and its incredible sunsets. It’s truly one of the most beautiful spots on the Olympic peninsula that I could ever recommend to my couples.

Because of all the beauty everywhere you look, it’s pretty dang easy to look amazing in photos on this beach. But these two kept rocking it with their outfits till the very end – Stephe changed into a classy all-black outfit, and Siddeeqah brought out the most gorgeous colorful skirt. Talk about an attractive couple, am I right?

Where to stay near Ruby Beach / Ruby Beach camping

If you’re feelin’ convinced after seeing these photos that you want to visit Ruby Beach and/or get your photos done there, here are a few top-rated Airbnb’s + cabins in the area to check out. (Make sure you pick one that’s got lots of natural light + cute AF interior decor if you want to do some cozy in-home photos!)

If you’d rather spend a night under the stars, Ruby Beach is a wonderful place to camp, as well! Check out info about the Kalaloch camping sites here.

Miss these two already – who’s ready to explore Ruby Beach with me after seeing this epic AF sunset with Stephe + Siddeeqah?🙋🏼‍♀️

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