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Riley + Spencer’s Intimate Boho Wedding on Harstine Island

What better way to celebrate your love than with an intimate, boho wedding on Harstine Island, doin’ shots with friends after saying your vows? This elopement on the water was. . . well, I’ll just let you feel this beautiful couples’ contagious energy and let it speak for itself.

boho wedding

Their love and vulnerability is contagious, deep, and admirable. This PNW micro wedding was an absolute dream, with a beautiful A-frame cabin overlooking the case inlet off of Harstine Island in Washington.

The cabin was also the perfect place to host a few of their friends for their celebration. The big windows gave this space the most beautiful natural, dreamy lighting. The views left us all breathless, with the rolling hills, towering pine trees, and glistening lake. I mean, the ideal setting for a romantic boho wedding.

boho wedding

Getting Ready

Riley and Spencer are the sweetest hippy couple. When Spencer was getting ready he told me that he watches my curly hair tutorials on Instagram to help him with maintaining his curls and I just about died of happiness!

boho wedding

Riley kept her accessories simple, which really let her gorgeous dress and badass tattoos shineeee. She wore these super-detailed earrings with a leaf pattern that matched her hairpiece, adding the perfect touch of boho.

My favorite thing about Riley’s dress was the way lace hangs down around the open back, around her arms, and down her waist. This flowy feature is such a dreamy boho add-on and with her going barefoot, hers was a quintessential lakeside wedding outfit from Lillian West.

wedding on the water

Wedding on the Water

As everyone gathered around to watch them say their vows to each other, the happiness & romance in the air were contagious. 

They had a small gathering of friends on this little AirBnb’s dock and at the end of the vows they all took a shot! It was perfect and simple and so full of love.

boho wedding

After the ceremony, Riley donned a classy, white fur coat. Super cozy and super bridal. I loved it more than anything.

If you’re as obsessed with the lakeside wedding vibe as I am, you have to check out their wedding film below. It was an honor to create this for Riley and Spencer.

I know everything I post is about how fucking rad my clients are but like, can you blame me? Here’s what a conversation on the big day with these two looked like:

Me: “Okay let’s head to the dock for some portraits of you two, what do we need to bring?”

Spencer: “Beers and a boombox, check!”

Congrats again to Riley + Spencer on your beautiful day and even more beautiful marriage – honored to have witnessed it!