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Why You Should Hire Me for Your Wedding Video, Too

Did you know that I not only offer intentional photography to forever capture your wedding day through timeless images, but that I also offer wedding films to tell the story of the day in a whole different way?

I’ll preach the power of beautiful photographs forever, but I’ve been learning that capturing a wedding or a session through film brings an entirely new perspective to the memories I’m able to give you to hold onto. I’ll be adding film into more of my wedding packages in the near future, so I wanted to give you some insight into why you should consider hiring me for your wedding film, in addition to your wedding photography!

Why you should hire me for your wedding film

For the feelings that can’t be captured through photos

I’m a firm believer that photographs are an absolutely incredible way to capture emotion and freeze the little moments in a frame forever. Films, however, can capture an entirely new level of feelings in that it can capture not only the most emotional moments, but the tiny moments leading up to & after them. 

Photos are only able to be taken so fast in succession – there’s a certain frame speed that you’ll never be able to beat no matter the camera you have. But in a film, recording non stop allows me to ensure every single beat of your ceremony is captured; that every hug and every tear is accounted for in the film that you can relive your big day through. 

I’ll always do my absolute best to capture even the tiniest moments through photographs, but sometimes those miniscule but meaningful in-between moments are caught in between photos, too.

For the sounds & the voices that you’ll want to remember

Films are powerful ways to relive your memories just as they happened, as they allow you to hear the sounds & the voices that echoed through the big day.

Through films you’re able to hear your mom’s big laugh after your dad made a joke in his toast. You’ll be able to remember and feel the atmosphere of your ceremony through the birds chirping, the wind whistling, the ocean waves hitting the shore – something that’s impossible to relive through photos.

Listen to your guests mingling, glasses clinking, and your most loved people toasting to your love through speeches they worked on for hours.

The sounds of your wedding day are such a significant part of your experience that you may not realize once the day is over and you’re trying to relive those moments only through photographs.

Investing in a film is the only way to experience the sense of sound that was present on your wedding day – now if only we could figure out a way to easily capture scents & tastes in films/photographs and bring together all 5 senses! (I guess that’s what perfumes & recipes are for – re-creating the smells and tastes that were alive on the day-of.)

To experience with your loved ones who couldn’t be there

Having a film made of your wedding day is a truly beautiful way to experience the memories after the big day, with those who couldn’t be there. Maybe your best friend wasn’t able to make it, or a family member had a health issue preventing them from attending. Sitting down with those loved ones and watching a film is the most incredible way to experience the memories with them, to bring you right back into that day and to welcome them into those memories with you. 

Not only is this experience a gift to you, but a gift to them in that they get to partake in the cherished day you’ll be looking back on for the rest of your lives. They’ll get to feel like they were really, truly there with you in-person through the sounds, the voices, and the emotions captured in your film.

To truly bring you right back into the room

Finally, years down the road, a film is the best way to recreate those wedding day emotions and bring you right back into the room. Through the emotions, the people, and the atmosphere captured in your film, it’ll feel like you’re stepping right back into your wedding dress that you so loved; right back into the reception room that hosted all of your favorite people; right back to that incredible view you & your partner got to witness during your first look.

Having both an album of photographs & either a highlight film or a full wedding film is the absolute best way to cherish the memories created on your wedding day. Films make for a lovely testament to your love story and all the time, money, and energy you put into your wedding day, and are the perfect way to constantly relive & re-feel all the emotions that were present on the day-of.

Real-life wedding & engagement film examples

Take a look at some of my absolute favorite wedding & engagement films that I’ve created for my couples below. I’ve also included some images from each couple’s gallery so you can see the difference between the feelings that are able to be portrayed through images versus film!

Riley & Spencer’s Intimate Boho Wedding on Harstine Island

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Tessa & Jordan’s Hoh Rainforest Elopement

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Andrea & Owen’s Cozy Cabin Getaway in Granite Falls

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Nicole + Justin’s Backyard Wedding in Bonney Lake

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Harley & Brynn’s Vintage Couples Pictures

See this fun themed session in its entirety!

My wedding & elopement film packages

If you’re interested in hiring me for a wedding, elopement, or session film in addition to photos, you can take a look at my current film packages below! It’s really hard to put a price on your timeless & cherished memories, but I’ve done my best to make sure you’re able to afford the photos and film that hold your most special memories for a lifetime.

(Make sure to check out my experience page at the time you inquire for updated package info)

If you’re feeling in your gut that a wedding film isn’t even a question for your big day, reach out here and together, we’ll create your dream photo + film package that allows you to relive these cherished memories forever!